Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Blog Post! Woohoooo!

Hey There! 
Welcome to my Blog! Although I have my website... I'll be using this space to show you my current work, work in progress, and probably some older stuff too. Thanks for checking things out and please remember... I'd love to hear some feedback.

To kick things off... here is one of my favorites... it reminds me of growing up in N.H. and seeing moose right outside our Grandparent's kitchen window.
Keep checking in... and see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Chav, Love the blog and site! It all looks awesome and girl, You can draw!!!

Anonymous said...


Wonderful stuff. It needs to become a book for kids.

Do you have stories to go with your illustrations? If not, you need to team up with a Writer. Your illustrations would bring any children's story to life.

Your Little Devils should be a Story Book of their own. They could be anything from fun-loving pranksters to saviours of the planet.....a whole series of books, from bedtime stories to eco-adventures.

Do it!

Robin Pringle
Creative Services Inc.