Monday, April 04, 2011

NESCBWI Spring Conference

Very excited to see some of my ALL STAR favorites will be teaching & presenting at this years NESCBWI Spring Conference "Celebrating Milestones".... Robert Squier, Dani Jones & Teri Weidner! So much amazing talent. At last year's Conference I was awestruck at every turn and even had my copy of "The Storm in the Barn" signed by Matt Phelan! Like a kid in a candy store Baby! Chances like this to meet other Illustrators and hear the perspectives of Children's Book Writers & Publishers... invaluable!


Anonymous said...

Are you going?
Is there a poster contest this year?
Love your blog.

Hasani Abbott said...

Lovely blog, Chav - but you're gonna have to prove this killer apple pie to me. Bring it on!

Chavah Billin said...

How many times must I prove myself!?!

Hasani Abbott said...

One more time, dahling. Whenever apple pie is concerned, we will always be begging you to make just one more. :)