Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Shooting Victims - Newest Members of Growing Assault Weapons Club

Editorial Cartoon Orlando Shootings NRA Assault Weapons

Gun sales have spiked (again).
Assault weapons are trendy (again).
The NRA is giddy (again).
Forty-Nine sons and daughters are never coming home...
Over-the-top gun fanatics (not reasonable & responsible gun owners) are caught up on semantics when 49 loved ones are not coming home - 49 lives not lived, 49 lifetimes of opportunities not explored, countless joys not experienced & life dreams not realized. These angry internet trolls are stuck on the distinction of how a round enters the chamber - by "direct impingement" or "gas piston”. The necessary fact remains… they enter the chamber basically at the same rate of speed. The terrifying & pertinent fact is how fast the shooter can discharge them. ANSWER: as fast as he/she can repeatedly squeeze their murderous trigger finger. The issue that the Nation is debating right now is Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons - of which, both the AR-15 & the Sig Sauer MCX, happen to be.


Anonymous said...

Uninformed and ignorant. The perfect liberal sheep.

Chavah (HA-VA) Billin said...

Hey Jim Robinson! (see how this whole interwebs thingy works - Anonymous Cyberbullying is sooooo yesterday) I see you're a fan of the American belief that we all have a voice and are entitled to an opinion - Thanks for stopping by & for your thoughtful critique! I do love me a good debate.. and sheep... I love me some sheep too.

Christopher said...

Actually, he is right on the money. You are uninformed and ignorant.
When 99.9%+ of firearms are never used in a crime nor linked to a crime nor even accidentally used to harm another human being the problem is not and never will be the inanimate objects used in these crimes.
The problem is the living breathing sentient human being who decides to go out and kill a bunch of people.

Main Ship said...

Uninformed and ignorant. The perfect sheep bowing down before the conservative criminal enterprise.

Actually he is no more right on the money than any other biased pimp for the NRA. Mass murderers choose assault rifles and weapons with mega clips so they can kill more people.

The fact that you're in denial is typical of gun nuts. The gun makers depend on America's weakest minds to protect their earnings. The lemmings like you are more than willing to serve your masters.

Why can't you buy a tank or a rocket launcher? If gun makers had their way, all weapons would be legal.

Why don't you gun nuts arm yourself with single shot ball and powder firearms like the founding fathers intended or did they know about assault weapons?

Chavah (HA-VA) Billin said...

Hi Christopher! So... what EXACTLY is "uninformed and ignorant" about the statistics (number of people killed, type of Assault Weapon used, geographic location they were killed, etc...) depicted in this Satirical Cartoon? (No cheating now. Don't forget & stay on topic (the cartoon depicts Semi-Automatic Weapons... not all firearms) Your turn. Go!

nexus1g said...

If we don't want to have a discussion on the definition of an assault rifle, I'd suggest that it stop being used. Now let me present a horrible truth of nature: I doubt that in 100 years anyone will actually remember that any of these 49 people existed, let alone care that they did or how they died. So why are these arguments leaning so heavily on ephemeral tragedy?