Monday, July 11, 2016

Racism, A Race War & Police Shootings - Editorial Cartoon


Racism exists in America today = Fact
Black Americans are disproportionately harassed, detained &
killed by Law Enforcement = Fact (Yes, it actually is)
Police Officers are killed in the line of duty (some in reported retaliation) = Fact

3 horribly disturbing facts that no compassionate even semi-intelligent
person would or could begin to place in any hierarchy of importance.

See, the problem is... it's a math thing:
1.)  "88% of blacks say more changes are needed for blacks to have equal rights... "

2.)  In 2015, 990 people were shot dead by police. Also in 2015, "37% of unarmed people killed by police were black despite black people being only
13% of the U.S. population".

3.)  Out of 130 in the line of duty deaths (including automobile accidents, falls, heart attacks, etc...) 39 Police Officers were killed by gunfire in 2015.

Now, If you're not seeing the problem... perhaps math just isn't your thing!


Admin said...

If you are going to claim it is a math problem then you should probably start by putting out all the variables. Change a few variables here and there it is easy to spin facts in your favor. Start by telling us how large the police force is compared to the overall population. You will then understand the offset of the numbers between relative deaths. It's not a math problem it's a common sense problem.

Chavah (HA-VA) Billin said...

It would be great if I could list ALL of the variables. I certainly wish we all had that kind of time! I suppose I was giving the public a bit of credit in linking just a few of the many available resources, in that, one might then be able to start to see the big picture and maybe do a little digging & research of one's own. But, maybe that's just hoping for too much involvement, eh?

1st big hurdle... no one seems to agree on want constitutes "Law Enforcement Personnel" (Clerical/Administrative vs "on the street"). So... latest (full) report was 2008 (a 2012 census has been commissioned but has not been completed - more hurdles collecting variables). There were approx. 120,000 full time Police Officers in 2008. The U.S. population in 2008 was at (approx.) 304.1 Million.

Feel free to follow the links provided. Or better yet... I encourage a little self-initiated research (that's always the best kind). Take a look at the numbers. Do the math. See how you feel about the results. I'll be here... disgusted & saddened by the facts if anyone still wants to chat!

One bone of contention - I take exception to "spin the facts in your favor". I'm usually quite equitable on criticism of my Editorial Cartoons but, as a white American, I'm still breathing & standing and enjoying a lot of unspoken privileges. I hardly think I've spun anything in MY favor. The flippant attitude on such an appalling topic is pretty... well... gross!

Unknown said...

The police are underfunded and undertrained... it's a vicious circle that feeds on itself. Had that white police officer in New Orleans had proper ground control tactics training he'd have properly controlled the suspect without him ever having the chance to get to a gun. If you're ever in a situation where it's some life long criminal and one of your closest friends you're going to choose that friend every single time. There are certainly times when it's race related, but in this case, I think that we had a failure to train issue.

Unknown said...

Math really isn't your thing, is it? Between 1993 - 2013, an average of 27 police per year were killed by Black people, a whopping 40.9%

Per capita, Blacks kill cops at nearly 5x the rate of all others combined.

Now, if we compare cops killed by Blacks & vice versa per capita, 3.05 cops per 100,000 get killed by Blacks annually, compared to 0.19 unarmed Blacks killed by cops (assuming 79 unarmed Blacks annually) if we assume a force of 900,000 cops. That's a 16x difference!

Furthermore, every single one of the police killed by Blacks was a wrongful death, while perhaps 5% of the unarmed Blacks killed by police was a wrongful death. Even assuming that 10% were killed wrongfully, that still means that Blacks present 160 times the danger to police than police present to Blacks. . .

Get some perspective.

900,000 police -

Figure8Productions said...

@Ford Prefect....
"...every single one of the police killed by Blacks was a wrongful death..."

Every single one? Really?

"Get some perspective."


Unknown said...

So you're saying that some of the police killings by Blacks were justified?

What percentage would you estimate?